Opry and Event Center Policies       

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Thank you for selecting the Corsicana Opry & Event Center for your event.  In order to assure your event/meeting is successful and memorable, please read and sign the following.


1.      In order to secure a date, a completed signed reservation form must be on file.

2.      A security deposit ( of rental fee) must be received to secure a date.  If a personal check is issued, we must have a valid phone number and copy of a driver’s license.

3.      To cancel an event, a written notice needs to be submitted one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the event.  If the event is cancelled before one hundred and twenty (120) days from the scheduled date, your deposit will be refunded minus a $100 fee.  If the event is cancelled ninety days before the event, of your deposit will be refunded.  If cancellation is after ninety (90) before the event is scheduled, the security deposit is non-refundable.


1.    A damage fee must be paid when final balance is paid.  Check will be deposited.

2.    Deposit will be refunded if facility is left in the same condition as it was prior to event.   (Please allow up to two (2) weeks to process return of deposit.)

3.    Deposit will be kept if the facility has been damaged in any way.  Lessee is responsible for any damage to any part of the building (inside and outside.) This includes damage to equipment, accessories, and parking lot while using the facility.  Failure to follow contract rules concerning ending time and cleanliness constitutes damage. Damage is also defined as accidental or intentional abuse of property.

4.    Any damage to the facility that is assessed to be greater than the $250.00 damage deposit will be the responsibility of the individual signing the contract.

5.    Determination of condition of the building after event is made by the management of the Corsicana Opry.   


1.       A cleaning deposit will be added in the rental fee.   Clients will leave the facility in the condition they found it.  The person who signs the contract is responsible for the cleanliness of the building after an event.  That person is also responsible for ensuring that trash is deposited in the trash cans.  The cleaning deposit is non-refundable.


1.    The person signing the contract is responsible for the event and will be required to sign and agree to the Release and Indemnity Clause.

2.    The lessee should make sure the event is conducted in an orderly manner and will assume responsibility for all guests, including caterers, musicians and all other outside contractors hired by lessee.  Service providers contracted must agree to Corsicana Opry rules and regulations.

3.    The Corsicana Opry & Event Center reserves the right to exclude rental to any individuals, groups or organizations whose activities are deemed a risk to the event center.

4.    The lessee may not conduct or advocate any illegal activity.

5.    The lessor reserves the right to ask any objectionable person or persons to leave the facility. 

6.    The lessor and designated employees or representatives shall have the right at any time to enter any portion of the facility for any purpose.  The building will remain at all times under control of the lessor.

7.    Keys to the facility will remain in possession of the lessor.  Lessor will open and close the facility.

8.    The lessee may not sub-lease any part of the facility.  The facility may only be used for the purpose indicated on the contract.

9.    The lessee may use the Corsicana Opry & Event Center logo name, address, phone number and images with prior permission.


1.    The serving of alcoholic beverages shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State of Texas and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

2.    All patrons that consume alcohol must be 21 years of age or older.

3.    The lessee will be responsible for any damages or fines arising from violation of these laws.

4.    All alcoholic beverages will be dispensed from a formal bar or area and must be served by a TABC certified bartender.  Beer and wine do not require a bartender but do require security.

5.    Only authorized individuals may be permitted to deliver alcoholic beverages.  No one will be allowed to bring individual containers of alcoholic beverages onto the premises.

6.    The lessor will not be responsible for intoxicated guests.  The lessee will be held liable and will be responsible for providing transportation of an intoxicated guest.

7.    All persons will dispose of their drinks before leaving the facility.  No one will leave the facility carrying open containers of alcoholic beverages.

8.    Law Enforcement Officers or authorized security personnel must be present when alcohol is served and consumed.  The lessee is responsible for securing and paying the enforcement officers.  The number of officers is determined by the number of guests.

9.    The dispensing of alcohol must be pre-approved by the Corsicana Opry & Event Center.

10. Lessee will be required to sign Alcohol Liability Form at the cost of $1.

11. Lessee may be required to purchase an insurance policy.

12. Lessee shall be responsible for compliance of all laws of the United States, State of Texas, and the City of Corsicana, Fire and Law Enforcement.


1.    The Corsicana Opry & Event Center is a NON SMOKING FACILITY.  Smoking or the use of controlled substances is prohibited within the facility, restrooms, sidewalks and porches.  This includes electronic cigarettes.   It is the lessee’s responsibility to make sure guests are aware of this policy.


1.    Lessee shall not bring anything to the facility that will constitute a fire hazard to the property inside or outside.


3.    Lessee and other contractors hired by lessee must comply with applicable local, state and national fire safety codes.

4.    Lessee is responsible for any damage caused by not adhering to the above restrictions.


1.    Food may be catered from an outside catering service or commercial vendor.

2.    The facility does not have a kitchen for preparing food but a preparatory site is available.

3.    Catering arrangements must be coordinated and pre-approved by the Corsicana Opry and Event Center.

4.    Please make prior arrangements for when the caterers need to enter facility.


1.    Decorations must be freestanding.  Nothing may be attached to any portion of the building.

2.    Nothing may be hung or suspended without permission.

3.    Adhesive backed decals or any object that sticks to any portion of the building is prohibited.

4.    Throwing of rice, confetti, sawdust, birdseed, glitter or sparklers are prohibited.  Bubbles are permitted outside only and balloons must be removed by lessee after an event.

5.    NO CANDLES with real fire are permitted in or outside of the building.

6.    No construction of any kind is allowed on the premises. 

7.    All decorations must be pre-approved by the Corsicana Opry and Event Center.

8.    The person signing the contract is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to the building, accessories, fixtures, or furnishings caused by guests, contractors, or any individual visiting the building at the request of the lessee.


1.    Handicap parking and ramp is located in back of the building.  For those needing to enter from the back of building, the door will be opened upon request.  Guests may also park in front of the building and on the streets adjacent to the building.

Corsicana Opry & Event Center
215 East 5th Ave. Corsicana, TX 75110
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